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I'm hardly here anymore. It's like sitting on the edge of an abyss. Maybe I'll start again.
He starts with theft,
Assigns himself murder,
And the police won’t know
His true M.O.
This victim’s poisoned,
This one stabbed,
Some have been shot
And some got grabbed
By the hood of a car.
Still, others seem to
Have wanted it, or I
Suppose that’s what they’ll say,
That it’s really a selfish thing
To not let someone think
It’ll all be better another day.
So the murders get relabelled
And the victims condensed –
Just think of the families –
Into one group of people who
Deserved their own end.
Just think of the families,
Oh what will they do,
But when these people were alive,
The family was most thought of then, too.
No one ever told you
You’d have to unlearn
What you found in your fists.
The world does not like
Men like your father,
And though they did not
Get in his way to get you out
Of his, now they hope you’ll
Just see you’re not meant
To be that way:
Be tame out of the cave
And don’t flinch at shadows
Or raise your fists to loud voices;
They don’t know that what looks
Like violence is bred not from
Bad bones, but an education
In fear.
Broken Bone
Full title: Some Things Heal Like a Badly Broken Bone (They Need to Be Reset)

I wrote a few bits of poetry the other day. I'm unearthing my childhood and finally learning to heal from it. Long slow process where I have to allow myself to be angry, and to hold people accountable.
  • Mood: Irritated
I am just considering going the online self-publishing way for poetry; I know it's terrible, but I literally cannot be bothered with taking certain pieces of poetry down from my gallery and waiting three-six months for a yes or no.
He thinks it’s God when someone enters,
come in and string up a wreath of fog,
(replace the noose, slip from the garrotte)
and show him cold, ice-cold–– whatever you’ve got
(anything’s gotta be better than the cough syrup shot) –
and he’d believe you if you told him you’d want him shot,
just as long as you want him Jeffrey Dahmer hot:
flush-red diamonds and a heart
on the murder-trail (and wanted in bed),
consider him good for cooking but always better off dead.
He’s a walking victim complex,
smashing mirrors with stones,
and he only drops the narrative when he picks up the phone –––



Tristan A. Keane
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I'm hardly here anymore. It's like sitting on the edge of an abyss. Maybe I'll start again.

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